Sativa Flower

Here at Toke & Smoke we sell some of the most popular sativa flower/sativa weed available.

What is sativa?

A subspecies of the cannabis plant, cannabis sativa. The sativa buds have long stems and narrow leaves that are light and fluffy.
Sativa flower strains are very popular for their uplifting and energetic effects, unlike their counterpart¬†indica flower¬†strains. Also, sativa high is more of a “mind high” than a “body high” therefore sativa effects are perfect for daytime use which is great for functionality in physical and social activities. Sativa strains are more commonly used for pain relief.

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Buds are typically broken up with a grinder and rolled into a joint, or packed into a pipe, bong or vaporizer.


Extracts come in a variety of forms and are produced through either a solvent-based or solventless method.


Edibles are infused with cannabis extracts, all of which contain active ingredients such as THC or CBD


Heighten your high with our accessories that includes vapes, grinders, one-hitters, rolling papers, and more!
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