November 22, 2021

What is Kief? How can I use this concentrate

Kief is a familiar term within the cannabis users community. However, did you associate the roots of kief originate from an Arabic word meaning well-being or […]
October 11, 2021

You’re high on weed and don’t know what to eat? Try Lamajoun! The best in town!

Joint Info 11782 River Rd, Unit 218, Richmond BC V6X 1Z7 +1. 778.896.4200 Tuesday – Friday: 11AM to 6:30PM, Saturday: 11AM to 7PM Recommended High […]
October 10, 2021

Great spot to eat for Cannabis Lovers! Pizza Coming Soon?

Joint Info 179 Pender Street East, Vancouver BC V6A 1T6 +1.604.558.4900 Opens at 5pm, closes at 10pm (except Mondays) Recommended High Mild – Pine OG […]
October 9, 2021

Whats so great about Vegan Cave?

Joint Info 415 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 +1.604.423.4211 Monday 11am-10pm, Tuesday-Thursday 11am-1am, Friday 11am-3am, Saturday 11am-3am, Sunday 4pm-9pm Recommended High Mild – Pine […]
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